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Comment #32 by Daniel on

[Typo:] "... then the evaluation of on the morphism determines a map ..."

Comment #33 by Daniel on

[Typo:] "Notation For every nonnegative integer and every integer with , we let denote the function given by the formula ..."

Comment #34 by Daniel on

[Typo:] "Remark ... we have canonical bijections ."

Comment #44 by Kerodon on

Yep; thanks for these!

Comment #54 by Robert on

There is an extra parenthesis in the second equation, right after the :

Comment #95 by Eugene on

Notation seem to exclude . Am I missing something?

Comment #97 by Kerodon on

Whoops. Yes, the scope of the definition should include [0].

Comment #269 by Dominic Fox on

It's not clear to me whether Δ should include [0], since it is said to be equivalent to the category of non-empty finite linearly-ordered sets, and [0] is presumably empty.

Comment #270 by John Boger on

OK, I like the idea of a new foundation for mathematics -- I'd found set theory to be a bit lacking as a basis -- but now I'm completely lost from the word go. Can someone recommend prerequisite reading on category theory? I'm not even sure I fully understand what a "category"' means generally in mathematics, let alone thse infinity categories, and I certainly don't understand some of the other terms being used.

Comment #271 by Kerodon on

[0] denotes the set {0}, which has one element.

Comment #1348 by David Karapetyan on

"Can someone recommend prerequisite reading on category theory?"

There are several books for beginners. The ones I like are and

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