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Remark (Relationship with Ordinary Path Categories). Let $Q$ be a partially ordered set and let $\mathrm{Gr}(Q)$ denote the associated directed graph, given concretely by

\[ \operatorname{Vert}( \mathrm{Gr}(Q) ) = Q \quad \quad \operatorname{Edge}( \mathrm{Gr}(Q) ) = \{ (x,y) \in Q: x < y \} . \]

Then the path category $\operatorname{Path}[ \mathrm{Gr}(Q) ]$ of Construction is the underlying category of the simplicial category $\operatorname{Path}[Q]_{\bullet }$ of Notation (see Remark In other words, we can regard $\operatorname{Path}[Q]_{\bullet }$ as a simplicially enriched version of $\operatorname{Path}[ \mathrm{Gr}(Q) ]$. Beware that the simplicial enrichment is nontrivial in general: that is, the simplicial mapping sets $\operatorname{Hom}_{\operatorname{Path}[Q]}( x, y)_{\bullet }$ are usually not constant.