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Comments on Subsection 2.5.3

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Comment #287 by Markus Zetto on

There's a small typo in Construction In the formula at the bottom, in the second index, there should be a instead of an

Comment #289 by Kerodon on

Yep. Thanks!

Comment #861 by Wei Wang on

Possible typo in the proof of Proposition (tag 00PQ) :

  1. Equation (2.25) (tag 00PR) : possible duplicate , and the summation might be within the range instead of .
  2. In the item "Suppose that the restrction is injective ..." : similarly for range of summation
  3. In the next item the tag number of the reference of an equation might be 00PR instead of 00PK

Comment #862 by Kerodon on

Yep. Thanks!

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