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Comments on Section 5.1

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Comment #707 by Tim Holzschuh on

It's probably not worth mentioning, but in the third bullet you write "Let be a Cartesian fibration of simplicial sets and let be any morphism of simplicial sets.", where everywhere else cartesian fibration is written uncapitalized.

Comment #712 by Kerodon on

Yep. Thanks! That's going to be a tough habit to break.

Comment #729 by Tim Holzschuh on

In the introduction you one time write a condition for being cocartesian and then write a condition for being cartesian that you claim to be an equivalent reformulation in terms of nerves of categories. I suppose the first conidition is already the condition for being cartesian.

Comment #730 by Tim Holzschuh on

Also: There is one more occasion where it is written "Cartesian fibration" instead of "cartesian fibration" at the last bullet when properties of cartesian fibrations are explained.

At the same spot: "... which we prove in ยง5.4.5).": the ')' is superfluous.

Comment #732 by Kerodon on

Yep. Thanks!

Comment #2166 by Shiro on

In the third paragraph, "For every object having image ...", the should be .

Comment #2182 by Kerodon on

Yep. Thanks!

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